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19 Jul 2013 10:17 pm
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Where to find me

You'll find my blog over at my main website, Anna Butler Fiction. Every time I post there, I'll provide a link here. So you can read my posts with a single click from your flist or go to the website and chose to follow it, in which case you'll get an email whenever I post. It's entirely up to you which you prefer.

Where to find my books

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The Gilded Scarab

The first of the Lancaster's Luck seriesAn alternate Britain where the Britannic Imperium is an oligarchy ruled by the eight Convocation Houses and the Minor Houses, their satellite allies. A Britain where political manoeuvring involves plot, conspiracies and machination—all to get around the Queen (God bless her) having banned advancement by assassination. A Britain where the skies are filled with aeroships powered by steam and luminiferous aether, and where House Guards carry phlogiston-powered harquebuses and pistols. Aegyptologist Daniel Meredith looks for love; Aegyptologist Ned Winters, First Heir House Gallowglass, is recently widowed and left with two sons; and ex-aeronaut Captain Rafe Lancaster, late of Her Britannic Majesty’s Imperium AeroCorps, buys a coffee house. The rest, as they say, is the steampunk coffee house mystery-m/m romance.

Available now from  Dreamspinner Press (ebook)   Dreamspinner Press (print)   Amazon.com   Amazon.co.uk All Romance ebooks


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Taking Shield 1: Gyrfalcon

In Gyrfalcon, Shield Captain Bennet has planned a dangerous infiltration mission behind enemy lines to garner priceless intelligence. His task is complicated by the changing relationships with his long-term partner, with his father—and with Fleet Lieutenant Flynn, the new lover who will turn his world upside-down. He expects to risk his life; that’s acceptable, to give Albion a military advantage. He expects that what he brings back from the mission will alter the course of the war against his people’s faceless enemy, although he’s realistic enough to know it may not necessarily be the outcome he hopes for. What he doesn’t expect is that it will change his life and that Flynn will be impossible to forget.

Available now from Wilde City Press   Amazon.com   Amazon.co.uk


 photo flashwithborder_zps6932cb60.jpgFlashWired

Cal Paxton and Jeeze Madrid are the top scouting team on the Pathfinder-class starship, the Carson, on the very outer edge of Earth's expansion across the galaxy. They're wingmen, best friends and lovers. When Jeeze is shot down over a planet inhabited by a race Earth has never before encountered, what will Cal find when the Carson can finally mount a rescue mission?

A novella of about 20,500 words, FlashWired costs $1.99 (or equivalent) and is available as an ebook at:


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 OMG. OMG.  Oh Em GEE!

Friday 13th isn’t noted for being a lucky day, but I think I have to buck the trend here. I woke this morning to find the incredible, wonderful news that The Gilded Scarab  has been nominated in the Science Fiction and Fantasy section (steampunk sub-section) of the2015 Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Awards.


To say that I am astonished is the mildest of understatements. I am still gibbering and waving my hands about helplessly. This is such a compliment!

So far as I understand it—and remember I am still trying to get my head around things here—the preponderance of books nominated for the Awards are mainstream and I’m one of a handful of authors in the m/m genre who has been nominated (alongside the likes of Heidi Cullinan!  More OMGing!). I really don’t expect to win anything, but I am so stoked to be nominated alongside such eminent beings. Thank you to Dreamspinner for such a brilliant editing team who helped me polish Rafe until he *shone*.

The RT Reviews blog has also posted up an amazing review for Rafe and Ned, and that alone would have had me spinning like a top and squeeing. The nomination? Well, see above for gibbering and helpless hand waving.

I mean. Oh. Em. GEE!




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Have you ever eaten pizza at a wedding?

Yeah, me neither. Not exactly the cuisine of choice when you’re dolled up in the big floofy dress or the tux. I mean, can you imagine trying to get the tomato and pepperoni stains out after you’ve fed each other a slice?

Remember all the fuss a few weeks ago in Indiana and the religious freedom bill? It appeared that if you have faith in the Lord, your imagination does indeed stretch to pizza weddings, and allows you enough creative thinking to preempt the floods of requests you’re going to get from every LGBT person in Indiana by announcing to the press that your religious convictions would prevent you from catering to gay weddings. It blew up all over FaceBook, remember? Huge backlash. Sadly, the most distressing part of this sordid tale is that the backlash included the pizza owner’s GoFundMe which has netted a million dollars.

A million dollars.

And yet Christianity is being persecuted. Honest, give me a million dollars and I’d almost be up for a bit of persecution myself. Except the people who are really being persecuted here, who are really suffering, don’t get offered a million dollars for their trouble.

Time to take a stand.

I am proud to say that more than 220 LGBT authors are doing just that. We’ve banded together to make a very simple offer: LGBT charities do so much good with vulnerable people who know the real meaning of alienation, persecution and desperation. Not for a religious choice, but for who they are. These charities need support. We want to do just that.

We’re holding a giveaway. We’re giving away copies of our books to those of you who give a donation to an LGBT charity of your choice. The giveaway is being hosted and managed at the Diverse Reader blog where you’ll find a short story by A.J. Rose which illustrates just what gay teenagers face, as well as the full rules which explain how you can enter to win a book.

Do go along to the blog and join in. Give a little to support real victims of persecution, and get something back in the way of a splendid book, for free.

You can even eat pizza while you read it.

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Available now from

Wilde City Press

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Only possibly without the swearing. In ten days, The Gilded Scarab will be published, and two days after that, Gyrfalcon. In a (vain!) attempt to look as though I know what I'm doing when it comes to getting the word out, I've set up a few guest spots at blogs belonging to very kind and supportive fellow writers. The dates and places are listed at my website


The picture of the
Deputy editor is purely gratuitous, because all blog posts should have a picture and who can resist a cute dog?

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 February is going to be a VERY busy month!  I am jumping up and down here in excitement, because The Gilded Scarab has appeared on Dreamspinner’s ‘coming soon’ page and that means it is *real*. It’s happening.

16 February 2015

Yup. Two days before Gyrfalcon!  And so I am delighted, pleased, proud and chuffed as all hell to show you yet another wonderful book cover – this one is by the talented Reese Dante



When Captain Rafe Lancaster is invalided out of the Britannic Imperium’s Aero Corps after crashing his aerofighter during the Second Boer War, his eyesight is damaged permanently, and his career as a fighter pilot is over. Returning to Londinium in late November 1899, he’s lost the skies he loved, has no place in a society ruled by an elite oligarchy of powerful Houses, and is hard up, homeless, and in desperate need of a new direction in life.

Everything changes when he buys a coffeehouse near the Britannic Imperium Museum in Bloomsbury, the haunt of Aegyptologists. For the first time in years, Rafe is free to be himself. In a city powered by luminiferous aether and phlogiston, and where powerful men use House assassins to target their rivals, Rafe must navigate dangerous politics, deal with a jealous and possessive ex-lover, learn to make the best coffee in Londinium, and fend off murder and kidnap attempts before he can find happiness with the man he loves.



The polished wood and dark red velvet of the lobby carried through into the Praecipias, giving the lounge a rich and luxurious feel. The light of crystal chandeliers glinted on cut glass and the bottles ranged on shelves behind the bar. As the maître d’ had hinted, it was still rather early and the company was thin. Two patrons sat at separate tables. They straightened and looked back at me when I glanced around, both wearing smiles and expectant expressions. But no. They were good enough, but neither appealed to me. The trick was to pretend I hadn’t noticed them at all, instead focusing on my scotch and lighting one of the thin cigarillos I’d bought at the tobacconist. That way no one’s feelings were hurt.

A shame, perhaps… but no. Thanks to Phryne’s careful hands, I was shining that night. I deserved better than good enough. I deserved much better, and I could afford to wait until there was someone whose company I fancied. So I drew on my cigarillo and inhaled the sharp smoke. If I tilted my head back, I could watch the smoke float up toward the embossed ceiling. It hung in the light, drifting back and forth, and back and forth.

“May I buy you a drink, sir?”

I really am not a nervous man, but I jumped. Good Lord! Where had he come from? Sneaking up from the left, where I still had difficulty seeing things on the edge of sight, I supposed. I hadn’t seen him approach, and now that I looked, two or three others must have come into the room while I had contemplated my scotch and stared at the ceiling. Two stood at the bar talking, and a third slid into a chair at a table near mine, his dark eyes raking me over. He looked faintly familiar, although I couldn’t imagine where I’d seen him. He was well enough, too, but I turned my attention to the man who’d spoken to me.

Oh, but this one was better than good enough! Much better.

About my age, by the look of him, but as fair as I’m dark—wheat blond hair in artful disorder, with quite astonishing hazel eyes set above high, pronounced cheekbones and a strong mouth and chin. Thank God he had a chin. There were far too many men who had none worthy of the name. The rest of the stranger was rather attractive too. He leaned on a cane in his right hand, inclining his long, trim body toward me. It gave him a slight air of eagerness that was, I felt, distinctly flattering, as well as allowing him to show off an evening suit that fitted him like the proverbial glove and must have cost a very pretty penny. Definitely better than just good enough. Unless he turned out to have all the personality faults of Attila the Hun, this one would most certainly merit further attention.

And, really, Attila the Hun hadn’t been all bad. He was rumored to have been very considerate of his horses.

You can preorder The Gilded Scarab here:
ebook http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php…

print http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php…

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Friend and writer JD March publishes Dance With The Devil TODAY. Read all about it at my website 


But as a taster: Johnny Fierro’s a gunfighter‚ maybe the best. He’s hunted trouble and a reputation all his life. But the killings and the range wars have worn him out and brought him to a point where he would welcome death — until he hears that his estranged and hated father faces a battle to hold onto his land in the Cimarron Valley. Fierro has sworn to kill his father and this is too good an opportunity to miss. What he hasn’t bargained for is a share of the ranch‚ or a brother he never knew existed. While his upright‚ authoritarian father and Harvard-educated brother struggle to come to terms with his violent past and vicious reputation‚ Fierro wrestles with the unwelcome realization that his mother didn’t tell him the whole story about the past. He doesn’t know what to believe‚ but he has to make a choice when the bullets start flying.

AvailableTODAY  at Five Star Publishing

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That’s the likely publication date for the first Taking Shield book, Gyrfalcon.

I am beyond excited. Ridiculously so! It feels real again, after the inevitable time of waiting in the editing queue. Well, I still am in the editing queue but soon, my pretties, soon.

I’m not entirely sure what to expect when the editing starts. The two short stories I’ve had professionally edited had very little changed. Commas, mostly. I think I over use them so I strike the wriggly little tadpoles down. The editor tuts at me and puts them back. I’ve never had a content edit done and I am rather nervous. I can only hope the editor loves Bennet and Flynn as much as I do.


Anyhow, for those of you who are unfamiliar with Shield (that is, those of you I haven’t managed to bore witless about it yet), let me tell you a little about it.

Shield is set in an alternate universe where Earth’s a dead planet, dark for thousands of years; lost for so long no one even knows where the solar system is. Her last known colony, Albion, has grown to be regional galactic power in its own right. But its drive to expand and found colonies of its own has threatened an alien race, the Maess, against whom Albion is now fighting a last-ditch battle for survival in a war that’s dragged on for generations.

It’s not certain anyone has ever seen a true Maess. They have seen drones: cyborgs animated by a small neural node of organic cells. The first drones the humans met (more than a century previously) were not humanoid in shape but, as the war progresses, the Maess start to produce human-shaped drones.

Taking Shield charts the missions and adventures of Shield Captain Bennet, scion of a prominent military family. Bennet, also an analyst with the Military Strategy Unit, will uncover crucial data about the Maess to help with the war effort. Against the dem


ands of his family’s ‘triple goddess’ of Duty, Honour and Service, is set Bennet’s relationships with lovers and family. When the series opens, Bennet is at odds with his long term partner, Joss, who wants him out of the military and back in an academic, archaeological career. He’s estranged from his father, Caeden, who is the commanderof Fleet’s First Flotilla. Events of the first book, Gyrfalcon, in which he is sent to his father’s ship to carry out an infiltration mission behind Maess lines, improve his relationship with Caeden, but bring with them the catalyst that will destroy the one with Joss: one Fleet Lieutenant Flynn, who, over the course of the series, develops into Bennet’s main love interest

Over the Taking Shield arc of six novels, Bennet will see the extremes to which humanity’s enemies, and his own people, will go to win the war. Some of it is not pretty.


The next big step after editing will be the cover design, I think. Sadly, I don’t think it will look like this. But a girl can hope.




Grins at you all.  Writing is fun, isn’t it?


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 Over at the website, Louise Lyons is visiting to talk about the new anthology from Wayward Ink Press, "Stranded", and gifts us with an extract from her story in the anthology, One Snowy Night. Come and read all about it!

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 Come to my website where I interrogate Sarah Madison on her moustache twirling and shake a sad head at her lack of technical ability with computers... More seriously, come over to find out a little more about her brilliant new best seller, Walk a Mile and read a sexy little excerpt...

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 image 2



Over at my website, I'm hosting Kim Fielding on her Fieldingpalooza blog tour to promote her five--count 'em!--FIVE new releases. There are nymphs and kelpies and THREE prizes to be won! Come and see.

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Today is book launch day for my good friend and fellow critique group member, Sarah Madison. Read my thoughts about it over at my website.  Walk A Mile is published by Dreamspinner and sorry, why are you reading this and not rushing out to buy it?
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 Over at my website, I am mourning the demise of the humble bookmark, wondering how to gild (or even geld) scarabs and wittering on about 



Read all about it there.

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 I'm delighted to be hosting Elin Gregory over on my website today, where she talks about armour and world-building and her wonderful new book, A Taste of Copper. The stuff about armour is *fascinating*. I have to admit that before today, if I'd been asked to name the parts of a suit of armour, the only bit I'd have got would be 'vambrace' and that's because archers use 'em and I have a pair in the same box as my bow... Come along and enjoy Elin's post! 






Lovely cover, too, isn't it?

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 Over HERE at my blog site, I am wittering on about autumn, discuss culinary matters and the sleeping habits of cockerpoos



Sweet, isn't she? Well let me tell you, she is not so sweet when she's been rolling in fox shit. 

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Another post on world building - because it *fascinates* me and because it gives me a great excuse to point out that I've redesigned the website a bit to start including background notes on the Taking Shield series and The Gilded Scarab.

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I've just signed the contract for The Gilded Scarab to be published by Dreamspinner Press in Feb/March next year.

Gilded Scarab is a steampunk m/m romance/adventure novel. When Captain Rafe Lancaster is invalided out of the Britannic Imperium’s AeroCorps after crashing his aerofighter during the Second Boer War, he arrives in Londinium in late 1899 with no career, very little money, and no idea about what he wants to do for the rest of his life. Everything changes when he buys a coffeehouse near the Britannic Museum. In a society ruled by an elite oligarchy of powerful families, Rafe must navigate House politics, deal with jealous lovers, learn to make the best coffee in Londinium and fend off assassination attempts before he can find love and happiness with Aegyptologist Ned Winter.

The steampunk coffee shop romance is a go!!

Of course, with the first Shield novel due out with Wilde City in January, I will have two books going through editing at the same time. Quails at the thought...

But, well, YAAAAAYYYY!!!
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 I'm going a little mad HERE at my website agonising over how to split my current MS up into readable 'chunks' when traditional chapters are just not cutting the mustard. 
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 In 1902, there was a serious attempt to merge cricket and tennis. Yes, you did read that aright. Someone tried to **merge cricket and tennis**. At my website, you'll find me rhapsodizing about the delights of a writer's life when it comes to the gems you find when you're researching something.



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