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Rainbow Book Reviews said of my novella,  FlashWired: “This book took my breath away.” And “The thing is, the story is a really good one: great science fiction combined with a deeply emotional love story. Some of it was mind-bending and gruesome, and I cannot say it was a comfortable read. But it was a great read...



Between 2  - 8 March, you can read FlashWired for yourself, for FREE.

For this next week, FlashWired is free at Smashwords only, as part of the promotion of “Read an eBook Week”. All you have to do is click on the link here or on the cover photo above to get to the FlashWired page, and when you get to the checkout, quote code RW100.

And FlashWired will be yours, for nothing.

I hope you take me up on the offer and that you enjoy FlashWired. If you’d like to leave a review, I’d be delighted but it certainly isn’t obligatory and nor is it obligatory to be anything other than totally honest if you do review.

I should warn you that the two chapters that you get with the novella from Gyrfalcon, the first of the Shield books, have changed since I published FlashWired.  Gyrfalcon will be available soon. Watch this space!!


There are literally hundreds of books on offer this week at  Smashwords. Click on the logo to go to their promotion page and check out the other books available free, or heavily discounted.



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I've had a great lift to the spirits thanks to a wonderful review by Serena Yates over at Rainbow Books Review. See my  website for details. 
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 Over at my blog, I'm angsting over how to classify my writing because, folks, m/m romance it ain't!  I'd love to hear your views.


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