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1c52c256afd6d3cd2bf37c9cbcc3ac85With thanks to Baldrick for the title, I’m squeeing very hard indeed today.

I signed the contract with Wilde City this morning for the first two Shield books in the series. Bennet and Flynn are on their way!

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 Over at the website, author Megan Reddaway´╗┐ talks to us about the pros and cons (and ins and outs; cough) of writing sex scenes in the first person. Megan's witty, sharp story 'Wrong Number' is published in Dreamspinner's latest anthology, Not Quite Shakespeare.  Pop along to read an excerpt and read Megan's wise words about how to make sure your character isn't TMI-ing all over the shop. 


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Over at my website I am squealing and twirling and generally carrying on something chronic. Good news about Taking Shield, is all I'm going to say here. Grins at you. Very good news.
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 So, am wittering on today about the weekend's meet and how wrong, wrong wrong it is to get a chest infection a few days before and consequently miss the chocolate torte. Darn. Some compensation , though, in the wonderful swag bag, the contents of which are scattered in artful confusion on my hotel dressing table:






Over at the website, as per.

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 I'm wittering on over at the website about uneven chapter lengths and you just would not *believe* the angst.  What do you all do? Write the chapters as they come or strive to get them all an even length? Do tell.


But as compensation for demanding you answer intrusive questions like that, here's a picture of the gorgeous Matt Bomer, who is Shield Captain Bennet to the life. Soooooo inspirational.



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 Over at my website I'm celebrating and mourning this:



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Over at my website, read an exclusive extract from Sarah Granger's wonderful Regency m/m romance, where there are dashing Napoleonic war officers, uniforms, balls, Almacks, French spies and BREECHES!!!  Follow her blog tour here  and enter for giveaways and generally just join in the delighted squeeing.

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 Over at my website I have succumbed to Sarah Madison's nagging to post a response to four questions on writing:

What am I working on?
How does it differ from other books in the genre?
Why do I write what I do?
What's the writing process?

I am, as ever, long winded about it but there are lots of pictures to brighten things up a tad. You'll like the one of Molly. You even get a bonus one here: 

I've tagged Kate Aaron and Lily G. Blunt to do the meme and they will post their answers to the questions on 12 May. Stay tuned to find out what makes them tick!

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Join me at my website for my contribution to QueerTown Abbey's latest blog hop. It has everything from beach ponies to Marquesses. Real ponies and real marqusses! Well, one real marquess, at least.

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AnubisGood title, huh?

Go to my website to find out more news on the progress of Gilded Scarab  and why I am already plotting a sequel.

Sigh. You know, this sort of thing wouldn’t happen to me if only I did concise.



On another note, the first batch of my new pens has arrived from the US and they are gorgeous. Honestly, I’d never buy promotional pens here in the UK. The US company has a huge range of very affordable stock, heaps better than anything you can buy here. The only problem is that the US company doesn’t do overseas trade, so I have to get a lovely friend there to buy them and ship them. So a huge thank you goes to artist and sculptor Shelley Hunter for being a true friend. Go and check out her website and admire her work.

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 Over at my website, I am crowing over progress made and worrying myself hairless over the fact I can't actually think of anything resembling a plot for this book...


Oh, and this is the Lily with the crooked stem. Wonderful description.


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Over at my website   I am waxing very poetic about the ticklish qualities of a scarab's feet. Come and be tickled, too.

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 I feel a little light headed this morning.

Partly, of course, because Spring is springing away madly – warm sunshine in grimy old London today, folks – and this time of year always fills me with hope and purpose, and I want to get on and do things. The sap must be rising, or something.

But mostly I’m light headed and happy because ten minutes ago I took the plunge, and submitted Gyrfalcon to a publisher –  a mainstream SF publisher, as it happens. Because the Shield series is genre sci fi and an intense love story where the characters just happen to be gay, and is not m/m romance as that genre is currently defined, I’ve decided to try my luck with trad publishing. I suspect that Shield will still be impossible to place into a neat genre, and that for reason (irrespective of the publisher thinking I suck!) I am not exactly hopeful here. It’s also an odd set up in that I won’t get a rejection letter, just silence.  So in four months, if I’ve heard nothing, I can assume they don’t want it. So, check back here on… counts on fingers…  29 June, and I will probably be lamenting. But I have to take the plunge, right? If you never try it, there’s no possibility.

And in spring, I’m all for possibilities. Sap rising, remember?


Happy Spring Sunday to you all.

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Rainbow Book Reviews said of my novella,  FlashWired: “This book took my breath away.” And “The thing is, the story is a really good one: great science fiction combined with a deeply emotional love story. Some of it was mind-bending and gruesome, and I cannot say it was a comfortable read. But it was a great read...



Between 2  - 8 March, you can read FlashWired for yourself, for FREE.

For this next week, FlashWired is free at Smashwords only, as part of the promotion of “Read an eBook Week”. All you have to do is click on the link here or on the cover photo above to get to the FlashWired page, and when you get to the checkout, quote code RW100.

And FlashWired will be yours, for nothing.

I hope you take me up on the offer and that you enjoy FlashWired. If you’d like to leave a review, I’d be delighted but it certainly isn’t obligatory and nor is it obligatory to be anything other than totally honest if you do review.

I should warn you that the two chapters that you get with the novella from Gyrfalcon, the first of the Shield books, have changed since I published FlashWired.  Gyrfalcon will be available soon. Watch this space!!


There are literally hundreds of books on offer this week at  Smashwords. Click on the logo to go to their promotion page and check out the other books available free, or heavily discounted.



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 Over at my website, I've been ruminating on the perils of writing in the first person


Come over and give me your entirely solicited opinion!

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Over at my website I've been ruminating on the Power of the Name, and how important it was for me to find the right names for my characters in Shield. It's all, I have to say, the fault of Feniman Cooper and Jane Austen...


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 Over at my blog, I pontificate on about structure. Not my novel's structure. But mine.
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Over at my website, author Sarah Granger shares with us how researching her new novel - a wonderful regency m/m romance A Minor Inconvenience -  led her to the contemplation of young men and their naked, oiled bodies.  God, being a writer is hard. Very hard. Come to the website to commiserate with her and read an extract from the novel.
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 Over on my blog, I'm asking for opinions on what to include, or not, in the Shield series. Do you want to be told when and where Bennet is, or do you like to guess, mmn?  Enquiring minds want to know.
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 I love unexpected Christmas presents, and this one was delightful. A lovely review for Happy Holidays by Susan Laine at Goodreads. Susan rated the anthology as a whole with 5 stars and had this to say about Happy Holidays:

John Hogarth and Kit Lewis have been domestic partners as long as they’ve been working partners, running a small but growing design agency in New York. After fifteen years together, Kit wonders if they’re getting stale and takes a typically creative approach to inject a little romance and excitement back into their love life.

I swear, if I hear “Do you know what day this is?” one more time… Kit and John have been together for fifteen years, and then Kit comes up with something to keep things lively in the bedroom. Creative. While Kit is bursting with good ideas, John is at first confused, then happy to be lead around by his dick to wherever Kit wishes. This story had lots of humor and a wonderful established relationship, excellent writing and a good pace.

Yay!  Merry Christmas all!


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