26 Apr 2015

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Have you ever eaten pizza at a wedding?

Yeah, me neither. Not exactly the cuisine of choice when you’re dolled up in the big floofy dress or the tux. I mean, can you imagine trying to get the tomato and pepperoni stains out after you’ve fed each other a slice?

Remember all the fuss a few weeks ago in Indiana and the religious freedom bill? It appeared that if you have faith in the Lord, your imagination does indeed stretch to pizza weddings, and allows you enough creative thinking to preempt the floods of requests you’re going to get from every LGBT person in Indiana by announcing to the press that your religious convictions would prevent you from catering to gay weddings. It blew up all over FaceBook, remember? Huge backlash. Sadly, the most distressing part of this sordid tale is that the backlash included the pizza owner’s GoFundMe which has netted a million dollars.

A million dollars.

And yet Christianity is being persecuted. Honest, give me a million dollars and I’d almost be up for a bit of persecution myself. Except the people who are really being persecuted here, who are really suffering, don’t get offered a million dollars for their trouble.

Time to take a stand.

I am proud to say that more than 220 LGBT authors are doing just that. We’ve banded together to make a very simple offer: LGBT charities do so much good with vulnerable people who know the real meaning of alienation, persecution and desperation. Not for a religious choice, but for who they are. These charities need support. We want to do just that.

We’re holding a giveaway. We’re giving away copies of our books to those of you who give a donation to an LGBT charity of your choice. The giveaway is being hosted and managed at the Diverse Reader blog where you’ll find a short story by A.J. Rose which illustrates just what gay teenagers face, as well as the full rules which explain how you can enter to win a book.

Do go along to the blog and join in. Give a little to support real victims of persecution, and get something back in the way of a splendid book, for free.

You can even eat pizza while you read it.


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